Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shop Update

New cake things in the shop. You love cake too, right?


I also have a new workspace! I am loving it! Thank you IKEA and husband for putting it together. I hadn't even thought about lighting until we had it all put together. There is a glass portion in the top of the desk to light from below, but I need more light and hate the fluorescent overheads. We happened to have a light/lamp cord from IKEA laying around so I put together this little lampshade made from paper (with inspiration from a DIY blog post I saw somewhere (?) where they made a similar shade from wooden strips). It is nice to have more space... the husband and I had been sharing a desk for the last year (that's right, two computers, one desk, lots of bumping elbows). I have to say it was a little sad moving all of my things to the new desk after sitting next to each other every night at the computer... we felt like I was moving out or something... haha.

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  1. what fun! really like the lampshade too...i recently moved into a new space as is always nice to have a bit more space